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Blossomic SmartHome Thermostate

Ripe for progress

The combination of the blossomic App and the sensor thermostats enables precise control of the heating with maximum comfort and maximum economy. The movements of people in the house are taken into account when controlling and adjusting the heating in the individual rooms. Constant correction of the heating programs and heating times via the App or via the thermostats is not necessary.

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Control all systems with one app

Learning Algorithms

Intelligent sensor technology

Simple and fast operation

Manual heating mode

Automatic heating mode

Less is more

With 3 heating programs, automatic settings and sensor-controlled adjustments
for maximum comfort and control.

User manual blossomic® iOS & Android App

The blossomic app is a unique control technology consisting of a time-automated control system that offers the possibility of controlling the devices via the app or manually at the thermostats. All this with just one gateway! The sensor technology of the thermostats optimizes the heating programs and time settings to the movements of the individual persons in the house. There is no need for constant correction of the heating programs via the App or on the thermostats.

blossomic® iOS & Android App - approx. 1,9 MB - 13.05.2019