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Digital Hydraulic Balancing

for small and large projects!

Digital hydraulic balancing for one and two pipe
heating systems and underfloor heating systems
- based on intelligent algorithms.

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Unlimited use for projects of any size


Retirement homes

Public buildings

Single and multi-family houses

Church facilities

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The thermostat family

The possibility of combining individual adjustment and economic optimisation of the heating systems distinguishes our thermostats. The interplay of the app with the unique sensor technology and the integrated digital hydraulic balancing guides you to the desired goal:

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS and SUSTAINABLE heating and saving CASH MONEY at the same time!

  • Touchpad technology
  • Motion sensors on all thermostats
  • High quality combined with modern design
  • Unique and innovative blossom-ic radio technology

Blossomic SmartHome Thermostate

blossomic Smart Home

Would you like to control your heating systems with just a few clicks?

blossomic Smart Home

Control your heating systems now conveniently and user-friendly via smartphone or tablet.

Important: For the highest level of data protection, all data is stored exclusively in your personal gateway.

Using energy intelligently - And what we understand by this

I come home...

Arrive home and enter the cold apartment? That was yesterday! With my smartphone and the blossomic app, I can easily control my heat at home while on the go.

I'm going out.

Keys? Got them.
Purse? Also.
Heating? Regulated.
I can rely on the sensor technology in my blossom-ic heat controller. 30 minutes after leaving the apartment, the sensor technology automatically begins to regulate the heat down to the ECO temperature I set..

At home or away...

Spontaneous visit or going out for a long time. At home, the thermostat from blossom-ic uses sensor technology to control the heat where my guests and I need it. With my smartphone and the blossom-ic app, it's a piece of cake.

Offices and public buildings.

Offices and public buildings are often supplied with constant heat. In many cases this is not necessary, especially if the rooms are only used for a limited period of time. Sensor technology from blossom-ic reliably lowers the room temperature to the desired ECO temperature.