Digital hydraulic balancing

blossom-ic Smart Home System with self-learning digital hydraulic balancing of single- and two-pipe heating systems and panel heating systems.

With the blossom-ic system, hydraulic balancing becomes child's play. Save yourself time-consuming assembly work on the pipe network and the installation of presettable valves or manifolds with flowmeters. Simply and conveniently replace the existing components with the blossom-ic system.

A costly and time-consuming calculation of the room-by-room heat requirement for existing systems is no longer necessary. Our gateway, in combination with the intelligent software, automatically and self-learningly takes over the hydraulic balancing during the next heating phases.

Should the heat requirement change due to further energy-saving construction measures, the system will immediately adapt to the new requirements. The system also reacts dynamically to new temperature inputs and ensures constant and even heat distribution.

Thermostate für den automatischen hydraulischen Abgleich

Due to the self-learning process, the valves are adjusted automatically and dynamically as demand changes. With conventional static hydraulic balancing, on the other hand, a new hydraulic balancing must be carried out if the spatial conditions or the heating system change..

The blossom-ic thermostats/actuators make a regular calibration run. This is especially important in the summer or autumn months. In conventional systems, the pins of the thermostatic valves are in the same position over the entire period and often get stuck. With our blossom-ic system you get a digital hydraulic balancing combined with a smart home radio control system for heating control with expandable functions, in only one product. In general, blossom-ic components can be used for new installations and renovations as well as extensions of existing installations and impress with a very good cost/benefit ratio. The blossom-ic system can also be used for single-pipe heating systems. The blossom-ic system automatically detects this change and adjusts the uniform heating within a very short time (2-3 heating phases). The blossom-ic system adapts individually and electronically to the conditions and thus offers an error-free calculation of the room heating loads.

Can be used for projects of any size

blossomic für jegliche Größen
Hotels Retirement homes Single and multi-family houses Public buildings Church facilities

Digital hydraulic balancing with blossom-ic

blossom-ic Smart Home System with self-learning digital hydraulic balancing of single- and two-pipe heating systems and panel heating systems - based on intelligent algorithms.

Unique method - digital, fully automatic and adaptive

Very short assembly times

Based on intelligent algorithms

blossomic hydraulischer Abgleich Avalon Combo Plus

No intervention in existing piping and hydraulics necessary

Up to 30% energy saving

Extensive testing by neutral testing institutes

What you get from it

Both you and your customers benefit from the advantages of digital hydraulic balancing.

The advantages for you

Very short assembly times

Pioneer with digital systems

Unlimited use from single-family homes to large projects

Functionality confirmed by reports from institutes with the highest accreditation level

The benefits for your customer

High energy savings

Optimal heat distribution

Highest heating comfort through blossom-ic control

State funding (up to 45% depending on the funding program)

System can be expanded with smart home products


ITG Dresden Avalon System
ITG Dresden Hera+ System
HLK Stuttgart Hera+ System


Why is hydraulic balancing necessary? Where is hydraulic balancing worthwhile? What is done in a conventional hydraulic balancing?

The expert first calculates the heat requirement for each individual room. On this basis he determines the required flow rate of heating water. He then sets the calculated values on the presettable thermostatic valve of each radiator. As a rule, presettable valves must be retrofitted as part of the balancing process. With all the inconvenience of emptying + filling the system and the associated costs.

What are the costs of conventional hydraulic balancing?

On average, hydraulic balancing for a single-family house costs up to 1,250 euros. The price depends on how many thermostatic valves need to be replaced and whether the heating pump is replaced. On the other hand, this modernization offers a potential saving of around 110 euros per year. The additional installation of a high-efficiency pump makes hydraulic balancing perfect and also saves on electricity costs.

What are the advantages of hydraulic balancing?