Gateway GT-100

Gatway Infografik blossomic

Central control unit

blossomic Gateway

Central control unit of the blossom-ic system

All systems can be combined with one gateway

Up to 20 devices per system

Expandable via Plug & Play

Works in home safe area


Can the gateway be operated without an Internet connection? What happens if the power goes out? What happens to your data? Where is the gateway connected?

We recommend connecting the gateway directly to the router.

Are further investments necessary if the system is expanded?

No, all blossom-ic systems can be controlled with one gateway. Up to 20 thermostats or devices can be connected from each system. Everything from one source - radiators, underfloor heating, boilers, floor heating and smart home extensions can all be controlled via a gateway and with the blossomic app. The new blossom-ic devices can be connected via Plug & Play.

Does the gateway software become obsolete?